Where any marketing strategy cannot be furnished without its online presence with an able framework to act upon, there are still certain bumps on this virtual road in respect of the targeted audience which disheartens the SEO managers if corrective measures and analysis are not drawn in time. 

There are many tools, software, websites and plugins that help you achieve needed results of knowing the real reason behind sudden website traffic downfall.

And if you’re regular in your virtual workspace alike the physical presence, it becomes easy to be tech and data savvy with utmost care. And there’s never too late if the variable costs are still under control for the entrepreneurs.

So, with the lists of issues and solutions given and explained below, you can take a back seat, exhale deeply, wear a smile, and release the wrinkle on your forehead to read carefully and sieve through the possible alternatives for the problems that you might be facing too.


#Keep it simple

  • Website ranks are regularly updated, yours might be slacked behind.
  • Not organically maintained content.
  • Weakened backlinks.
  • Oops, it’s a penalty!
  • Improper restructuring.
  • SEM masking SEO.

1. Website ranks are regularly updated, yours might be slacked behind:

Regularly Update Your website's content

When you’re in the digital content practice, being original and organic isn’t sufficient. You need to keep a check of all the peripherals required to keep your website running.

As Google updates its database day-to-day, it’s uneasy for the marketers to locate every possible issue in one go. One such issue is about the rank you’re aiming for in Google’s SERP.

As you’re not updating anything:

Your competitors are on their toes, the world is moving ahead and every day a new keyword is being added in the digital vocabulary. New hashtags, tags, posts, blogs, etc. are created every second and without Google Analytics and other trustworthy SEO tools, it is just a bleak scope ahead.

When lazy scrollers don’t look for you on the 2nd page, you’re as good as dead:

Once your website rank is stashed on another bunch of pages, it becomes one of the major reasons for the decline in the website traffic. Everything is fast paced in the online marketplace where one moment of slack will adversely influence the readers and audience.

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2. Not organically maintained content:

Increase organic Traffic

Your content is probably to suffer from plagiarism or redundancy.

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville

For targeting a greater mass, there are certain do’s and don’ts to write a great, eye-catching, and noteworthy content.

Merely copy-paste, and tweaking words here and there from other websites cannot work for long.

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3. Weak Backlinks:

Weak Backlinks

The success of the site is also dependent upon how strongly composed are the backlinks stored in it. The failure of these links dismantles the user base—regular clicks & reads—eventually leading to the sudden drop which finally gets noticed.

These backlinks attach one site to another, making the package of your content offers—reliable and comprehensive.

4. Oops, it’s a penalty!

Google penalty

“The actual hard work isn’t only posting something ethical; it’s also to ensure that everything attached to it is ethical too.” – Nilakshi Garg

Many instances and mishaps over the web leads to the website tumbling down the lane of Google’s manual search engine penalty.

Spam content:

Spammers flood the comments with unsolicited advertisements and links to spoil the website’s integrity. You need to keep a thorough check of certain user-generated spam content spilling on any of your webpages.

“Word for word” copied:

Content without any significant findings, purposes, and meaning lead to a thin content penalty. Given that there are already multiple articles generated online on a single issue, what matters is your own input and insights.

Without providing any reference links to the source and knowledge bank, the content can be easily misjudged and penalized.

Malicious links redirecting:

When there are unnecessary links that are not taking the reader to the desired webpage, instead detouring to a malicious or adulterated site, the content is obviously censored.

5. Improper Restructuring:

Improper Restructuring

What has been recently added to the site does not necessarily mean to bring sure shot success and make you the leader. If the thoughts have been similar, then you’re mistaken.

Aligning the resets, formats, #keywords, new links, and updated content is equally necessary. Failing to do so can hinder the crawlability and indexation for GSC (Google Search Console) bots to analyze the writeups of your blog and enable it to have a leading SERP as an output.

Forgot to do 301 redirects?

When you have changed URLs of any of the pages of your website, 301 redirect helps regular users and visitors to jump straight away to the same webpage that was intended instead of knocking their head into 404 error page.

Forgot to inform Google about the changes made?

If your aim is to keep as much organic traffic intact as possible even after changes, this is one of the mandatory tasks to be done, i.e., to inform Google’s Search Engine via GSC’s Address change option.

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6. SEM masking SEO:


SEM is a bigger elephant and often masks the returns from SEO, hampering chances to actually visualize organic the drop rates.

You need to go through your advertisement and other commission-based strategies to see whether SEM and SEO traffic are overlapping or not.

If certain keywords are helping influence your targeted market for free and vice-versa, then what’s the need to pay unnecessarily? It saves a lot of time with a given amount of careful investigation and intellectual thought processing.

Otherwise, the benefits are covered behind one another and later it’s not easy to pinpoint the real cause without wasting a good crux of time in hand.

Diagnosing these issues:

Step 1: Add Google Analytics, GSC plugins, and other relevant webmaster tools on your websites for mandatory frequent dialysis.

Step 2: Using the Google search console, and offered insights on the websites to know where your majority audience is coming from. Is it organic, referral, paid, etc.? Who all are your actual strength?

Step 3: Check whether there is a traffic drop? Where is it coming from? Are the links broken? Is your site under penalty?

Steps 4: Take corrective measures using webmaster tools.

Example:  Verify your website link in GSC and the log into Google Analytics using the same ID.

GSC benefits:

  • It helps to monitor and optimize the site’s organic presence across the globe.
  • It diagnoses where the traffic is coming from and for which actual reason.
  • It helps to discover the queries, broken links, other sudden traffic drop causes related to the website.

On-site SEO benefits:

  • Creates an XML sitemap.
  • Helps editing page’s HTML scripts.
  • Auditing the content of the website.
  • Attaining complete list of dofollow external links.
  • Find out superfluous meta tags, hashtags, and words.
  • Redirecting and re-engineering of the dead URLs and backlinks.

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Conclusion of sudden drop in website traffic

The Internet world is changing quite fast with a single snap of your fingers; multiple sets of data is analyzed with machine algorithms, a famous example being Google Algorithms and Automation. In such a velocity of content, attracting, retaining and keeping the interest of the targeted audience is not a cake walk. Site owners will continue to face minor & major changes in technology and coding; even back-end anomalies will appear regularly. What creates a difference is, answering the 6 major questions in time: who, when, where, why, what, and how.

Therefore, knowing the benefits, features, and working of these online open source tools like GSC, Google Analytics, Rank Tracker, etc. makes it easier for digital influencers like you to operate. It helps you clear your voice at the right time on the right platform for the apt audience! What more can you ask for?

Moreover, even if the aforesaid issues do not seem to be the core reason for the drop in website traffic or are not clearly evaluated, you as a website owner or content creator can always seek help from the professionals or consultancies who can help you diagnose the real cause immediately and fix it for you. “