Organizations, these days, are using artificial intelligence to improve their ranking on the search engine result page or to make their SEO even better. Due to the increased competition, keywords and phrases are not enough for search engine optimization these days. Artificial intelligence and machine learning play a significant role in improving your site’s ranking and helping you to optimize your site according to the search engines. Artificial intelligence understands many parameters such as browser history, search history, website activities, etc. to provide better and efficient results.

Artificial Intelligence for SEO

Evolution of SEO

In its initial days, SEO was just a practice of landing your pages to a desktop with simple optimization and tricks. But now, in its evolved form, it involves producing better content for the audience, engaging the audience to increase the traffic on your site, and working on various platforms.

The importance of search engine optimization was taken to new heights by a revelation by Google. It was revealed that Google uses a machine learning algorithm called RankBrain to give rankings to pages. RankBrain was launched in 2015, and Google uses it as one of its most reliable components for ranking sites to appear on the search engine result page.

How does AI help in search engine optimization?

Artificial intelligence is basically the development of computers in such a way that they can perform tasks which require human intelligence, for example, speech recognition, decision making, translation, etc. Thus, artificial intelligence is used to integrate machine learning into the algorithms used by search engines. Artificial intelligence helps to transform SEO practices in the following ways:

1. Redefines data and creates insights:

Since there is a lot of data available, artificial intelligence helps in easing human efforts and refines the data. It leaves out the unstructured data and all the noise and produces effective results and informed decisions. Artificial intelligence maximizes the usefulness of significant data by refining it. This is particularly helpful in the areas of analysis such as market trend, site performance, etc.

2. Produces optimized data of high quality:

Artificial intelligence helps both in producing good quality data or content and also caters to the requirements of the user. So it improves the traffic on your site and makes the users happy. This engages the users and is therefore very useful for people who make blogs, videos, websites, etc.

3. Automation:

There are a lot of tasks to be done in the SEO industry which makes it labour intensive. Artificial intelligence performs the tasks of automation such as keyword research, technical audits, content optimization, etc. These tasks require a huge amount of time when done by humans, so using AI for these helps to provide spare time to the labour for more productive works such as strategizing about the data and producing new content.

4. Personalization:

Artificial intelligence can produce data that is optimized according to individuals. By analyzing an individual’s historical data, AI can generate search results that are more effective and are personalized only for the particular user, according to his history.

5. Provides a competitive edge:

By producing high-quality content for your website, performing automated tasks to unburden the labour, personalizing search results according to the individual user, artificial edge provides a competitive edge to your website as compared to your rivals, so it definitely boosts your SEO game.

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Rankbrain and Google

Google has the ambition of being the first Artificial intelligence company and is working hard towards it. This was revealed by Google in a recent IO conference, and the company has also stated its objective of making the AI search more human.

Google has a lot of data online to deal with, and it gets difficult for human labour to deal with such a huge amount of data and produce efficient results. Therefore, it needs something to interpret all the content and rank the landing pages according to their significance and based on other factors, such as external links, content, etc. Other than this, artificial intelligence also takes into account bounce rates, long clicks, CTR, etc.

RankBrain is a software that learns from the searches of people and the data collected through their experiences, therefore it delivers personalized results that get better with each time.

google rankbrain seo

It has been stated by one of the senior research scientists at Google that Rankbrain converts the data in its usual form into mathematical entities (vectors) that can be understood by computers. This is done through the use of artificial intelligence by rank braid.

In this way, RankBrain performs analysis of the searches based on keywords or phrases and helps Google to know what type of results does the user desire. Through this information, Google ranks the pages according to their SEO and according to their relevance concerning the keywords that are searched for.

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There are many software or tools that are based on artificial intelligence, such as SEMrush, Muncheye, Google Analytic, SEO Powersuite, etc. These help to give you a better experience regarding SEO practices. An alternative can be to purchase a supercomputer that uses artificial intelligence, which will require an investment of many million dollars.

Although artificial intelligence makes your SEO results better and helps to ease human efforts but it cannot do all the work on its own without human interference. Overall, artificial intelligence is surely an interesting area in the world of search engine optimization and has let the SEO industry to evolve more. It unburdens the labour by taking off excess burdens, but it cannot be the ultimate solution to all the difficulties. The fact that it can process a lot of unstructured data by removing the noise and produce better results no doubt makes AI very beneficial and useful but it still requires human guidance and some degree of human intervention, without which it would be of no use.

It is clear that search engine optimization has gone through drastic changes in the past few years, and involves new things like artificial intelligence in today’s world. But both artificial intelligence and search engine optimization still have to go a long way.

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