Any and every website owner needs to be thoroughly acquainted with the ways of Search Engine Optimisation. Not only are the features of your site important, but one also needs to pay heed to the optimizations present in the websites of competitors. The goal of SEO is to make sure your site is “put out there” – if you need customers you require visibility and accessibility, and for this, you need to make sure you’re using SEO tactics right. There’s no secret formula for cracking the SEO code – but there are sure-fire ways to do it right.

Role of Competitors

Competitors vary according to the service you are offering to the public. When competitors increase, the visibility of your website decreases. What can a website do to make sure it stands out from all the other websites selling similar services? SEO becomes the major factor in a situation like this – your website will be more accessible on a search engine and will be ranked above your competitors if you use SEO smartly. It is important to keep in mind that the results are never immediate – it takes time to optimize a site for the customer especially when are there are competitors.

It is easy to outrank pages that fall at the bottom of the search engine results page – as you progress further up it becomes more and more difficult to outrank the top-ranking websites.

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Basics of SEO

Once you know how you’re going to project your product or services, it is important to decide how this will look on the website. Accessibility, visibility, content on the website, ease of navigation, links with and to other websites (inbound links) – these are the basic aspects of SEO that need to be focused on. The dynamics behind how SEO works can be a bit confusing for a layman – what is to be remembered is that you need to make sure your website is easily available to and is preferred by the customers.

Never try to cheat using SEO tactics (known as black hat tactics – includes keyword stuffing, unoriginal plagiarised content) as this can actually hurt the rankings of your site and will give it a bad reputation.

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Search Engine Optimisation Inbound LinksRole of Inbound links

Inbound links (links in your website to and from other websites) play a very important role in SEO, and their impact depends on a range of factors.  Of course, the quantity of inbound links matter. Having more links usually results in more visibility. But what also matters is the quality – links from low-quality websites can actually hamper the ranking of your site. The speed at which a website earns links is also a factor that boosts accessibility and visibility. It is important to have links from reputed and relevant websites – this emphasizes the reliability of yours.

A sudden (and unnatural) increase in earning links can often imply manipulation – unless it is because of the effect of media coverage or product launch. In general, the speed at which your website earns links should be relatively stable – this confirms the authenticity and reliability of your website.

Quality ContentRole of Quality Content

When it comes to content, quality is the number one factor that should be considered. The word count does not matter as long the content serves the purpose (informing the customer, offering options to the customer, answering their questions and queries). The content on the website should justify the purpose of the website – customers will then look to your website for services and answers.

Publishing a lot of content at once does not look unnatural (as it was once believed) – search engines will still consider it as valid content and it will still have a positive impact on the number of visits on your website. Content should be published as soon as it is created – the more active your website is, the more views you will get. However, the quality of the content should be not affected for the sake of speed. It is best to have a publishing schedule for your content- the regularly updated content encourages search engine spiders to crawl it more frequently. It will also encourage customers and users to visit your website more – as they will have a guarantee that content has been updated or added (and their reason for visiting the website will be fulfilled).

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SEO – What to Expect

If your competitors are big companies with immense financial resources, you must keep in mind that they will hire the best SEO professionals around. SEO can thus take time, especially when you’re up against competitors who have more access to SEO tactics. SEO techniques usually take time to show effect – it is thus important to have patience and be religious in your use of legal and creative SEO methods. SEO professional often have to manage client expectations – it is necessary to understand that many factors are at work when considering SEO, so it is not always possible to achieve quick success.

Each website faces a unique situation, depending on the company, the product and the niche the two of these exist in. SEO is the only way you can put your website out there- how long this will take to be a success depends on factors that are unique to every website. Increase in website traffic can sometimes take up to a year. Patience and dedication is the key.

SEO is not a piece of cake and neither it is impossible to achieve – it is important to understand the workings of SEO before wondering why the website isn’t topping search engine results. You need to be ready to invest a lot of time and effort in order to achieve the wanted SEO results. Very few newly published pages manage to even get into Google’s top 10 search results. It is not possible to accurately predict when your website will obtain the visibility it wants – but it is for sure that only SEO can get it there. As time passes, it becomes easier for website owners to understand how the online scenario is for their website and the services offered; it also becomes easier to see how the competitors are effectively using SEO to their advantage.

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