With the advent of superior technology, every organization focuses on building the best content for their websites and entrepreneurs find themselves in the race of establishing good quality content and devising ways to make their company appear in the top of the search list. In order to do so, it is important to develop SEO-friendly content which scientifically enables a webpage to feature on the first page of the search list so as to maximize visibility and digital traffic. But to facilitate SEO benefit, we need to first understand what it exactly stands for.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the system of enhancing the frequency and quality of digital traffic through the process of generating organic search engine results. Quality of traffic to your website essentially means targeting those viewers who are relevant to your purpose. Quantity also matters with respect to the number of people visiting your website through the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in order to increase visibility. By making your website as upgraded as possible, you increase your chances of making your website to the top of the Google search list.

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Here are some of the ways which you can utilize to make your website all the more technology-driven:

  • Use of relevant Keywords

The most logical and important step in accordance with creating an SEO friendly website is to make sure you have relevant keyword content to feature on the search list. Search engine pages create a database of result pages depending on the frequency and the substance of content on the pages. For example, if you use the keyword “videography” in the context of wedding ceremonies, Google will monitor those databases which have that specific keyword in it and hand out the results on its list of pages.

  • Add sufficient URL links

In order to make your website stand out amidst the crowd, make sure to add a good number of external as well as internal links. Internal and external links not only render variety to your website from the viewer’s point of view but also makes it easier for search engine pages to optimize the results. Incorporating the links onto your website helps the search engine pages to display your website on the results page by interpreting the fundamental theme used it.

  • Usage of HTML text format

To make your website more visible and frequent in the search engines, one of the primary tasks involved is to consolidate the use of HTML text format or indexable content on your website. Since it is crucial to understand the requisites of the search engine pages, you must double check your efforts by seeing how your website looks from Google’s point of view. In order to do so, you should resort to Google’s cache services and understand whether and if at all, the indexable content added in your website is being read and interpreted properly by the technology.

  • Crawl link systems

Crawlable link systems are required to trace the value of content available on your website so as to feature it on the search list. Based on the context of your content, search engine pages need to collect a sufficient number of pages in its database depending on the content as well as the usage of keywords in the context page. Unless your website isn’t properly equipped with crawlable link structures, it becomes difficult for Google to track it and relate it to the consumer search options.

  • Proper usage of Title Tags

A lot of people fail to realize this but just as keywords play an important role in search engine optimization for a specific webpage, title tags connected to that web page also help in getting the webpage identified by the search engine pages. Title tags are pivotal for visibility maximization and need to be as accurate to the purpose of the content of the webpage as possible. Failing to do so would not enable the website to be featured in the Google search results pages thereby nullifying your entire objective.

  • Availability of Meta Description

Let’s first understand the concept of Meta Tags. Meta description tags are essentially a short description of the entire page’s content. Apart from using title tags and indexable content, Meta description is also correlated by the algorithms involved in the Google search engine pages and also renders the function of advertising your website through the short content provided underneath the title tag. Search engines limit the number of characters to 160 in the case of Meta description so make sure to organize your snippet according to that length.

  • Social media intervention

Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and so on not only broadens the base of your consumer search but is also ranked well in the search engine page list. Creating a direct link to the social media page on your website will ensure that search engines recognize the entire structure of the trace and will also increase the marketability of your website from the customer’s perspective.

  • Restrained use of JAVA script

Being one of the most complicated computer systems, JAVA scripts hinders the process wherein search engines read the webpages so as to provide accurate results for the viewer makes it imperative to develop a design which is easily readable by the search engine pages. The more JAVA scripts you add to your webpage, the more complicated it becomes and by doing so, slows down the entire ordeal of bringing out the search results. Also, JAVA script does not particularly function well in mobile devices which makes it all the more pertinent to apply it sparingly.

  • Judicious use of Flash

A lot of entrepreneurs are under the impression that using Flash for the website makes it more attractive to the viewers. However, using too much flash on your website not only makes it quite distracting for viewers but also complicates the ranking of your website in the search engine pages. This is due to the fact that flash plug-ins are often devalued by search engines which are why the ranking goes down. Therefore, flash plug-ins should always be used as and when required.

Thus, by maintaining all the above points for consideration, one can attain the practice of developing a highly functional SEO friendly website and featuring on the first page of the Google search list.

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