There have been several articles on the internet speculating about one pertinent question, which is, “How big is the adult industry?”. According to many sources, the adult industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries over the internet. The adult industry consists of websites that deal with adult videos, toys, magazines, photographs, etc. Everyone is aware of the reach of the adult industry which is why we are not mistaken when we say every individual on Earth is aware of the same. Despite this, several people pretend to be oblivious of these adult websites for various reasons. Discussing the adult business has always been an awkward conversation which is why its profitability continues to shock everyone.

Research or Assumptions?

Adult Industry Research

There have been plenty of guesses as to what could be the net worth of the adult industry. The most popular figure is the 10 billion – 14 billion dollars’ amount. A leading magazine ran a story regarding the same, stating that the adult business is worth 10 billion dollars. However, several claims are without substance or proof. These false claims have standardized and accepted without any legitimate basis as such.

On a yearly basis, Hollywood releases an average of six hundred movies while the adult industry produces an average of thirteen thousand films. Hollywood is able to earn ten billion dollars of profit while the adult business earns fifteen billion dollars of profit. According to a popular study, this industry is also earning more than the combined efforts of NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. This itself talks greatly of the portion of the money that the adult industry holds which is ironical as no one wants to discuss the same openly.

As per another research, a leading adult website has claimed that they streamed an approximate figure of 75 GB data in a second the previous year. Another study revealed that an adult website gets more views in a month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter. The adult industry produces a new movie every 39 minutes. Adult actresses earn a lot more than conventional Hollywood actresses. Not just that, the adult industry pays more to females than male actors as well. Americans spend four billion dollars every year while buying or renting adult videos for themselves.

The Truth As Per Reliable Sources

Adult Industry Sources

These numbers are inflated and not realistic in nature. Since there are so many adult websites, it is assumed that the industry makes a lot of money. However, this may not be necessarily true. There are a number of websites that exist and sustain even though they don’t have any profits. Several sites created by fans exist for their interest in a subject but that does not indicate any monetary benefits. Therefore, despite the many assertions that the adult industry is several times bigger than Hollywood or television broadcast, it can be concluded that none of this is based on legitimate statistical facts. It is also a known fact that several rental stores across the world do not carry videos produced by the adult business. This indicates that the 10 billion marks may be an inflated value created as grapevine.

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The Future of the Adult Business

Adult Business Future

It’s a known fact to all that the adult business has always been subject to a fluctuating trend line. The adult business did not do well in the 1960s as it was rather unrealistic and hardcore as people like to define it. Then came the classic era of the 1970s and beginning of 1980s where some great movies were produced. These not only gave a more realistic view of sex but orchestrated it really well too. These movies are still discussed amongst people as they were fine films. As the decade of the 80s began ending, the adult industry saw a decline in its business as a trend of silicon breasts and tan lines began to set in.

On the contrary, the future of the adult business sounds a lot more exciting due to the touch of latest technological interventions. Technology has become the driving force of this industry. Following is a list of the latest tech developments in the adult business:

1. Augmented Reality

Adult Industry AR

The use of AR in adult businesses is slowly overtaking the prospects of VR (virtual reality) technology. It uses certain 3D holograms which allow easy implementation in the real environment. It allows us to see, walk around and do things as we would if something were really there in front of us.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Adult Industry AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest game changers in the history of this industry. It has led to the creation of products like 3Dhologirlfriend which uses AI in its software. Companies are planning to develop robotic girlfriends so that one can experience real-life conversations with them. This will bring a huge change and hopefully a lot of revenue to the company.

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3. Robotic Dolls

Adult Industry Robot Dolls

Recently, sex dolls have become quite popular in the markets all over the world. Introducing robotic dolls of this kind would definitely bring about a major impact in the industry patterns. Developers are attempting to modify software to create sex dolls that can be run with the help of artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the adult industry is going to see major changes in the near future which are likely to create an uptrend for it. AI, AR, and VR are technologies which will create a far more personalized experience for both men and women.

The Part Played By SEO

Adult Industry SEO

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