Well, most customers and SEO service providers are so focused on the need to get the top rank in Google SERPs that they forget what business is actually about. It’s almost as if getting the ranking is important but not the conversion into sales. Learning how to improve conversion using SEO is quite a crucial skill and may affect the success of your online venture.

Business is all about increasing your profits and most of you know it. But once you start to do SEO, it is as if you lose track of the final objective. Your website and online web presence is an additional sales channel for your business, and its effectiveness should be compared with other channels on the base of ROI (Return on Investment) analysis. Immediate steps for improvement should be taken if the online sales channel has lesser ROI than other channels. This is because this channel inherently should be more effective than others.

The marketing of SEO services and existing literature in the field make it seem that the be-all and end-all of SEO are securing the top rank. And after that, your business lives happily forever!

But the reality is quite different. Unless your website gets more traffic benefits from its high ranking; and these visitors are converted into sales, then only is your SEO is a success.

In this post, we’ll be talking about how you can convert your website traffic into sales; which to us is the most important part of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

With the advent of Google’s RankBrain – its artificial intelligence algorithm is actually measuring the traffic results of high ranked sites on SERPs and penalizing the sites where user traffic and interaction is low. Thus, if your click-through rate is low, then that will start showing up in your rankings as well as further affecting your already low traffic.

We at Adult-SEO have always advised all our customers that they should never lose sight of this metric. It is the most important metric, followed by traffic. The rest is all secondary.

In, this post we will provide you solutions by which you can actually enhance revenues; and these you can use in addition to your existing SEO strategies. You can consider these as the icing on the cake; without which the cake is not complete.

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Revisit Your Keyword Research

In case you are ranking on the target keyword and that is not driving the desired traffic, then maybe you need to return to the drawing board again. You must then revisit your keyword analysis and examine if other keywords similar to your target niche have higher traffic, and if that is the case then you must try and rank for them.

The ever-growing online literature on SEO and its use of terms such as LSI keywords and long-tail keywords have contributed to a lot of confusion for the customer as well as SEO practitioners. 

keyword research for seo

It is the high-volume keywords where the money is, and it is there you must rank to rake in the traffic and revenues. So, go on making your content relevant and feature-filled; and use all kinds of keywords, their synonyms and the like on the website. But all this effort must be directed towards ranking on keywords or queries that can help you add to your revenues.

Increasing Traffic

SEO Increasing traffic

As Brian Dean advocates in this informative video, you need to be a CTR master in order to further improve your traffic and succeed on the 1st page of highly competitive keywords. Using things such as interactive videos and multimedia content adds a unique flavor to your posts. Also, using techniques such as Dean’s Click Magnet’ method which utilizes Google Adwords research and power words may also help to increase your conversions. Also, they will help elevate your rankings on SERPs also.

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Improving Your Meta-Description/Headline

Improving meta description SEO

Your meta-description and heading might be good for SERP rankings, but at most times they’re not able to attract the users. Google is getting better but it is still not at par with human beings, thus your content needs to be optimized for your potential readers. Modify your meta-description keeping in mind the reader and your potential customer.

A short meta-description which basically covers all the requirements of the searcher may lead to a high CTR. This might be done by rephrasing the meta-description to flow into an ‘issue, resolution, and result’ framework.
For instance, here is one short and crisp meta description we came across –

Alpha Lighting provides reliable and affordable solutions for your office home and office lighting needs. Contact us today!’

Landing Page Strategy

Now we come to one of the most important section related to conversion strategy, i.e. landing pages and their optimization. Properly designed landing pages with a clear ‘call to action’ can boost your conversion rate remarkably. Websites can rank well with a solid SEO strategy but if they don’t have any tools to convert their traffic into leads, then the benefits related to increased web traffic will seem negligible.

Most industry leaders emphasize on the importance of landing pages. As Zac Wallace has revealed on Quora, you can have several landing pages on your website to increase conversions of user traffic into actionable leads. This means that you can run several web marketing campaigns at the same time, thus providing separate funnels for each of your product lines.

landing page strategy SEO

Landing pages providers such as Unbounce, Hubspot, etc. can give you a lot of options on the specific landing page that you want to create. These are professionally designed pages which will cost a lot but you can expect them to do the job required. There are also several free providers of landing page options such as Leadpages, and several WordPress plugins. You can use them to create as many powerful landing pages as you need on your website.

One of the ways to use landing pages effectively is to offer something to the customer. It may be bonus content, a free consultation, or some offer/ promotional campaign, in return for offering their email address. These can help you build an email list which you can use to build a stronger relationship with the readers.

Fix Website Glitches

When your website has been optimized by your team and both of you are focused on adding to traffic numbers, many a time, you carry out modifications in the website which disturb the user experience. For example, adding new landing pages may slow down the website speed, and these pages may not be optimized for mobile.

So you need to constantly keep track of the user experience of your website on parameters such as speed, mobile responsiveness, etc. Any issue that comes up can be tracked soon and resolved as soon as possible. This will keep the user experience at an optimized level.

improve conversion using seo

Well, a bit of smart web marketing and some keen business sense can really convert your website to a well-oiled marketing machine. Your website will become capable of converting website visitors into paying customers with a few simple changes. As we have said above, the strategies in this post are added to your existing on-page and off-page SEO tactics. These just a give laser-like focus to your online business.

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