Internet is a brilliant source to reach people in the present world. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more that provide people with the required information. Internet makes lives a lot easy. Almost all the businesses use the web to become popular in the search engine results and a team or personnel is appointed for this objective.

Site Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of visibility of a site or a webpage in the top rated results. This is done in order to attain more and more number of readers.

It is a fact, that even small changes made in the page can create a lot of differences in the ranks of the webpage in the search engines. Changes in colour, appearance, font and writing pattern can result in rank changes. So the SEO’s bring into use a lot of techniques but some of them use the wrong methods to gain popularity. They are called the “Black Hat SEO’s”

What Are Black Hat SEO’s?

It is basically manipulating the search engines by following practices and techniques which are prohibited to use in the terms and conditions of the search engine.

What Are White Hat SEO’s?

It is a pure way of presenting the data on the site without any hacking and copying. It does not involve any rule breaking of the search engine.

The Purpose Of Search Engine Optimization:

Exactly 20 years ago from now, way back on 4th, September 1998 Google Engine was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in order to provide various services to people. It was designed to make work easy. It helped people a lot as it instantly provides useful desired content.

But listen, Google has to filter and find out the most appropriate data for its users. Hence, SEO’s exist in order to make websites beneficial, relevant and more valuable.

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The main purposes of SEO are to

  • Provide Specific Data
  • Prove Organic Information
  • Save Time

SEO Techniques To Avoid :

Hidden Text Or Links

Sometimes, on a webpage, some non-visible hidden links are created. Websites make it happen by making the link text colour exactly the same as the background colour. So the links are not at all visible but actually, they are present on the webpage. If they are by chance clicked upon, they open up and hence information is provided which may not be authentic or relevant. Search engines don’t allow this practice.

Content Automation

This practice involves picking up some content and just changing the main words and the sentence forms in it. This doesn’t provide new information. It just presents the same content in a different word set. When people open these links and the same content is everywhere, it kind of gives them a fake assumption that people all around the world are discussing the same thing/product. But this is not actually the fact. It is easily recognized by the engines and It is not at all appreciated in the terms and conditions of the search engines as well.

Keyword Stuffing

An article containing too many technical words and excessive use of keywords is not actually what the readers are looking for. They just require specific data regarding a topic. So, stuffing too many keywords is totally not a great idea. Engines don’t want their readers to get confused so such content is not encouraged much.

Huge Bulky Content With Irrelevant Keywords

Remember yourself when you were a kid in school. You used to hate those huge long paragraphs. Nobody wants that again. Readers just scan the content for the points they require. They don’t need all of it. Some website owners present a long and detailed content filled with irrelevant keywords which don’t help the reader at all when he or she opens it. This is also a black hat SEO tactic.


Well, it happens most of the times while downloading a newly released movie. The website owners know that people will definitely search for the new movie links and so they create such fake links. It looks like an appropriate link for downloading the required movie but when the link is opened up by the user it shows completely different information. At times, an article about the benefits of using a specific eye lens opens up in place of the movie download link. So the engines detect such sites and deindex the pages.

Duplicate Content

This practice is a total waste as the search engines catch a similar kind of content and deindex the pages. No search engine wants to irritate its users by providing the same content in every link. Search engines are built up to help people find the relevant content quickly. Confusing and irritating the users, not at all the aim.

Fake Click Bait

Well, it too has mostly happened with all of us while downloading songs. There is sometimes a fake click bait which is labelled as a download link. But unfortunately, it is not one. When the page opens, It is later revealed that it is some irrelevant advertisement that we didn’t even search for.

Why Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques?

These techniques are really dangerous. The owners of such sites may think that they can gain popularity by using such techniques but the fact is the other way around. Once such websites are detected, Google takes up the following actions:

  • Penalties may be applied
  • The site may be banned completely
  • Lowers the site ranking, even more,
  • Ensures the site never converts to no.1
  • Ensures that site may never appear in top pages

Also, Removal of Penalty and Ban is a very difficult process to undergo for the owner. So, this is not what a site owner would ever want. Hence an owner can never afford to use such Black Hat Tactics in order to be in the top ranking.

Well in order to summarize I would suggest that the White Hat Techniques are the best in order to get the site in the topmost search results. It’s a pure and steady growing journey to the top without using any manipulative tactics.

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