If you’re a business owner, chances are you have an online website in order to handle all your virtual transactions or even take orders from customers, or simply as a form of advertising your services and products. Also, if you run this website yourself, it seems more than likely that you are intimately familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization. The thing about SEO is, it almost always keeps changing. For an adult business owner, this phenomenon isn’t quite unfamiliar. Since adult businesses are one of the very few that never remain static, for there’s always something or the other new happening, such as the implementation of some latest tech. Furthermore, the latest tech to do the rounds in SEO and adult business technology happens to be voice services and voice search.

Although they have been around for quite some time now, voice services are currently experiencing more demand than ever before. The first reason behind this is that people are now engaged more than ever in multitasking and accommodating multiple jobs in a small time frame, giving them all the lesser time for other stuff. This means they’d rather use their voice to carry out functionalities on their devices rather than typing away on the keyboard. The second reason is the advent of AI technologies like Siri and Alexa which happen to run almost completely by voice itself.

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The Rise In Voice-Based Tech & Devices

While voice-based devices were lesser in number until a few years back, recently they’ve experienced a great rise both in terms of number and technological capabilities. While earlier Apple’s Siri seemed to be the only major player, now we have a lot more options to choose from. While Microsoft came out with Cortana, Google brought in the massively popular Google Assistant and Google Home. Amazon followed suit with Alexa. There’s also the amazing Apple HomePod. Also, due to the massive popularity and huge reach of Android mobile devices, almost everyone uses the Google Assistant, as is evident by the fact that it is available on a staggering 400 million devices. Additionally, while the number of devices grows at such a rapid pace, there has been equally fast development on the complexity front, a fact that can be nothing but good news for adult business owners. While earlier such devices could only understand basic commands and had difficulties separating accents, now the accuracy has gone up to a whopping 95 percent and the ability to understand complex commands has increased exponentially.

Developments in Voice Search

Recent surveys have brought to light that half of all smartphone users in the world make use of voice technology, and one-third of such users use it on a daily basis. People searching for adult services on their phone too, like any other type of users, prefer to use their voice to look for stuff rather than type on the keypad. As a business owner who deals in adult services, you must remain up-to-date with all the latest trends and tips on voice-based SEO and optimize your adult website for the same.

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Basics of Voice-Based Optimization

Perhaps it might’ve come to your notice that voice searches are generally longer than their text counterparts and contain more words than usual. As an adult business owner, you must recognize this and make use of long-tail keywords of an adult nature which you think will match up with the highest number of users. Additionally, there are some proven trigger words for voice-based search which you won’t generally find in text search. These are simply ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘best’, ‘when’ and more. Add them to the list of keywords for your adult business website and you’d find that your SEO rating went up a few points.

Practices to Follow

While there is no dearth of rules and conventions you must adhere to if you want a page that is optimized to the fullest and loved alike by all the search engines, here a few of the more important ones.

  • Ensure that the page load speeds are optimum and not at all laggy.
  • Mobile Optimization.
  • High-quality content, that answers deeply to whatever genre of adult services you deal in.
  • Affiliate yourself with Google My Business.
  • Implement a strong site hierarchy and authority.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Responsiveness to reviews and comments.

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Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are an important feature for search results. They are basically the little informative boxes that you see on top of search results which outline a brief summary or answer to the question you might have searched for. It consists of the best match for your search terms picked up from one of the search results along with the website’s URL and page title. If you’re truly interested in mastering voice-based SEO, then this is the region you must target. Getting listed in the featured snippets section can increase your odds of a great SEO rating drastically and can work wonders for the popularity of your adult website. If your website appears as a part of the snippets on the results page, then it will also most likely show up when a voice-based search is conducted.

Voice Search QuestionsGet a Good Grasp on Voice-Search Questions

If you’re trying to get a good grasp of voice-based SEO, then there’s one pretty obvious path you can follow. Study the various types of questions that people might ask when using voice search, and optimize your website as per those. For adult businesses, there can only be a handful of popular questions that you will most likely entertain, which is why you must include all the important keywords which may be included with such questions and make sure the content you insert on your adult website clearly answers the whole lot of them.

Schema Markup

As far as voice search is concerned, schema markup happens to be the most useful tool for website developers and SEO experts. While a lot of users shy away from implementing and utilizing it on their websites simply because of the fact that it involves working with code, it is actually not all that difficult to learn. Schema Markup is basically a globally accepted standard for the vocabulary of search engines, meaning it helps search engines better understand your content. If you implement a well-structured markup on your adult services website, it is in fact already nicely optimized for voice-based searches.

With all of these latest trends and technologies emerging, there are no points for guessing that voice-based web services and SEO are only going to get bigger and bolder. As a businessman who deals in adult services, it becomes your responsibility to keep with these changes as a number of them could cater quite exclusively to websites from the adult niche. And only once you ingrain your adult website with these changes, will you ever truly reach worldwide success and immense popularity.

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