Search Engine Optimization is a must for any self-respecting business in the age and era of internet technology. For decades now, with the advent of internet infrastructure and technology, all of the business worlds has changed where an online presence is not only necessary but vital for the business to progress to profit. Most of the experts online would insist any business hire an SEO consultancy or expert in order to strategize and resource for better prospects in digital marketing. However, this requires quite a bit of time and money which not everyone can afford. If you prefer to learn and earn on your own, consider the following for better results –

Building on your Website

1. Optimize your Website:

SEO Techniques Website Optimization

Charity begins at home. Build on your website and optimize its value and potential fully and strive for more to perfect. The better your website, the better it is standing on Google Rank-brain! The Rank-Brain is the latest algorithm update on Google which measures on the interaction on the very first search page of Google. So if your website provides exactly what online users are looking for and keep them satisfied, well, Google Rank-Brain will treat your website as the crème of the crop. Now that you have initiated the process, work on new and improved ways to harness and develop the organic Click-through-Rate ratio as what Google wants to see is more and more people clicking on your website. This will benefit your ranking leaps and bounds.

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2. Content, Content, Content:

SEO Techniques Content

The better your content, the better the contentment of your visitors. Most SEO experts will guide you into building backlinks, but chances are that even those backlinks may backfire if you are lacking on the content edge. Work your way around in building some of the best content that can be provided and that ensures visitors in finding what they are looking for. Find ways of keeping their attention span beyond words and paragraphs. Pictures say a thousand words; so work on images, gifs, pie charts, and bar graphs if feasible especially if the content is technical in nature. Work with business partners and reach out to bloggers to provide the necessary content. Remember, the focus here is quality. The higher the quality, the better the traffic quantity.

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3. Personal Computers versus Mobile Devices:

Computers vs Mobile SEO Techniques

Make your website user-friendly and not just for viewing the page on a personal computer or a laptop alone, but mobile friendly as well. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, more and more visitors tend to utilize the benefit of surfing the internet on their phones and the websites that are visible, friendly and ready to go tend to benefit more than the ones which are not updated and archaic. Even Google is aware and alert on websites which are more mobile friendly and tends to offer them a better rank.

4. Upgrade and Update Regularly:

SEO Technique Regular Updates

This is the most important aspect of web development as the sites which are updated on regular basis tend to be frequented more by visitors and the world alike. However, don’t leave it at updates alone. Track and measure up on older articles and upgrade it to make sure it goes alongside the times and technology in question. Content is still content and all it takes is a slight upgrade to make sure it the article itself is far from dead or over. This is one of the best ways of generating and harnessing traffic.

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5. Language Barrier:

Language Barrier in SEO Techniques

The world entire does not thrive on a single language known as English. Make sure to keep your website friendly to the other most commonly used tongues such as French and Spanish and if possible explore the option of adding the advantage of making your website friendly towards Asiatic languages which are the most heavily populated parts of the world. A lot of them of them aren’t proficient in the language and yet happen to be eager to learn and therefore might use the advantage of picking up on your website where they may tend to lack. Most of all, avoid the error of using a translator as a lot can be lost in translation of course.

Building on your Online Presence

1. Research on Keywords:

SEO Techniques Keywords Research

Never ever assume what your visitors and customers are looking for or what they would approve of. It is always best to prepare especially in the case of a business venture than to charge into it blind as a bat. Get clear on the meaning of the keywords, how it represents your content and what it does as its role in the entire SEO process. Optimize the value not only on short keywords but consider the advantages of long tail keywords as well. Follow up on Reddit which happens to be one of the best sources of information, and also catch up on other content-driven pages for a learned assessment of the most commonly used keywords. Ask your friends, the audience and visitors alike, business partners or better yet, see what your competitors and rivals are up to on this margin. Always makes sure that the keywords are relevant and tagged if not on the title on the content, within the context of that very content.

2. Link Building:

SEO Techniques Link Building

As discussed earlier, reach out to business partners, bloggers and as many denizens that work the internet. Chances are that they have been at this game longer than you have and their connections can benefit you as much as yours. Write up testimonials to the services and the websites, that you have been using of late and send them a picture of that article alongside a backlink to your own website. Chances are they would be quite grateful for this and would be more than willing to help you out in return. Reach out to the sites that are using your images and content and see to the fact that they use your link and reference in return. All of these methods would advance more traffic to your website thereby increasing your ranking and reputation on the field.

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3. Social Networking:

SEO Techniques Social Networking

The world is more aware in these times than ever before and better connected. Nobody working in this field can be found living under a rock from the gaze and affluence offered by social media and networking websites. Make most of each and every one of them by taking advantage of likes, shares and subscribes. The more you have, the better your presence be.

4. WordPress and Blogging:

SEO Techniques Blogging

Take advantage of the services offered by WordPress – it’s free and very tactful as it offers a whole of plug-ins and benefits that come with it. And while you are at, considering moving for a company blog which is one of the most simplistic ways of adding more real-time content to your very website. Update regularly with useful links, images, quotable quotes, data, and information; as this is the one of the perfect way and solution to channel, network and bond with peers in your industry.

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5. Google:

SEO Techniques and Tools

Make most of the webmaster tools offered by Google and find new and improved ways to get creative with it. Take advantage of Google reviews as well.

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6. Dominion:

SEO Techniques and search engines

Remember that Google isn’t everything and a lot can be done with the second largest search engine and all the others are corresponding as well. Make most of breaking out of the monopoly by channeling and utilizing the advantages of creating a presence on other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask Jeeves, DuckDuckGo et cetera.

7. Wikipedia Deadlinks:

SEO Techniques Wikipedia Deadlinks

A lot of the articles on Wikipedia are rundown or worse dead and the webmasters tend to ignore or forget that possibility itself. This alone presents quite the opportunity and a very powerful one at that. Simply research and update that article and add a backlink to your website hereby generating more traffic as much of the users of Wikipedia tend to track their date right to its source.

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